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Meet Linda Hargrove

Improv Educator & Facilitator

I am a workshop facilitator, storyteller, experiment maker, and experience taker. I run engaging workshops that inspire companies and educators to see the power of improv activities. My mission is to bring improv skills to the U.S. and abroad. 


Numerous business schools from MIT to Stanford now use improv, and it’s time for improv to be taught in every class for this simple reason...Improv skills are life skills!

What We Offer

We offer programs for businesses and educators custom tailored to fit your needs.

Team Building

Experience and learn the tools and language to make staff relationships collaborative and productive. 


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Keynote Speaker

More than a Powerpoint! Learn the rational uses of applied improvisation and how it ties to state standards. Participants will be up on their feet and actively engaged. 


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This workshop includes training the teacher and support staff with numerous applied improv strategies to bring back to their classroom.


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Workshop + Classroom Demo

This workshop includes training the teacher and also leading classroom demonstrations using basic applied improv techniques.  


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Event Entertainment

Improv together for the joy and spontaneity of it. This workshop builds creativity and a more effective, engaged and connected team.

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Creates Community

Improv 4 Education - Circles-02.png

Why Improv?

The benefits of

improv are endless!


Collaborative Environment

Builds Camaraderie

Creates Interconnectedness

Collective Enthusiasm

Strengthens Social/Emotional Learning 
Diffuses Conflicts
Builds Trust
Highly Interactive
Builds Self Esteem

Builds Social Skills

Reduces Tension 
Laughter and Joy
It’s Kinesthetic

Creative and Fun

Strengthens Communication

Builds Literacy Skills

Shapes Narratives
Explores Characters
Creative Outlet
Explores Status Differentials 
Self Expression

Positively Empowering

Focuses on Possibilities
Builds Confidence
Breaks Down Barriers
Unlocks Leadership Potential

Develops Verbal Skills
Increases Listening Skills
Stimulates Fast Thinking
Increases Focus
Improves Expression

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Florentina Alden

Founder, Wellness of Leadership

Linda facilitated several workshops for our business-focused Toastmaster’s group. She masterfully engaged all of our leaders. We all felt empowered, connected and inspired.